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Growing up, I always seemed to "know things".  I wasn't around anyone that was into spiritually and who could explain why.  I really never thought anything about it.  It was just who I was and thought everyone else was the same. 

As I grew up,  I would "see and know" more and started to learn that if something unexpected would come out of my mouth, it would happen. It wasn't until someone I worked with mentioned that I should go see this psychic...he was amazing she said.  I waited a couple months before I decide to make an appointment. I booked an appointment with  the psychic. Once the reading was complete, I started to share with him what I saw or said and how these things would come to pass.  A couple months later, I was sitting in my first psychic development class and was just thinking it would be something fun to try. I never expected to be doing this professionally. 


The healing path started with one of my classmates mentioning I may be interested in a crystal healing. It was an amazing experience! Over the next 9 months I went every month to heal an issue.  I become more and more grounded.  It was suggested to me that I would be good at doing healing. I had never thought about it and it wasn't even on my radar.  I decided to take the crystal healing certificate course at the Crystal Medicine Centre. Loved it! From there I was drawn to take the 2 year Crystal Shaman course at the center.   

I never expected to be going down this path. It's so funny how things just fell into place.


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