Lisa offers the following services:

Psychic Medium Readings

Readings are done without the use of cards. Readings can be done for both humans and animals (please bring a picture of the animal). 

Crystal  Session and Journey

 Crystals and are placed on specific energy points on the body or around the body to release negative energy, congestion and emotional tension allowing the person to come back into balance.  Visit the Online Booking page for the description of the various journey's.

Animal  Crystal Session (distantly)

Crystals are used in this animal session.  Any type of animal can benefit from this session. Animals feel better over the next few days after the session.


Inspiring Children Universally (ICU)

The child will be learning to see blindfolded, an ability all children have. The full description is found on the Inspiring Children Universally (ICU)


Energy clearing of Land/Buildings

For clearing buildings and land - Information will be provide by email after the session on what was cleared, where it came from and any other information that comes through during the session.


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