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Inspiring Children Universally (ICU)

A brief description of the ICU Process:


Your child will be learning to see blindfolded, an ability all children have.  It is simply not often recognized or explored because we naturally place more value on physical sight.  Children do not need to be super-psychic.  All children are capable of extra-sensory sight with the correct guidance and encouragement.  While blind-folded, children will be led through simple meditations and activities to help them to recognize and open their “Inner Light” (ability to see without their eyes).  They will also learn some simple energetic techniques to help them maintain clarity, connection and balance.




Performing simple ICU Techniques blindfolded stimulates parts of the human brain that are seldom used.


ICU Sessions benefit children in the following ways:


  • Children gain mental focus, clarity and understanding. Learning becomes easier and more enjoyable.  Academic grades go up.

  • Children become more creative, resourceful and inventive.

  • Self-confidence increases.  Children believe in themselves and become proud of who they are.

  • Children are more calm and relaxed. They learn to eliminate or manage stress and anxiety in a positive way.

  • Behavior improves. Children become more cooperative, considerate, respectful, helpful and kind.

  • Children become happier and develop a positive attitude.

  • Social skills improve.  Children overcome shyness and become more outgoing by overcoming insecurities that inhibit self-expression and individuality.

  • Children become more self-reliant.  They think and do for themselves, facing and solving their own challenges.

  • Fears of all kinds, from night terrors to public speaking are overcome.

  • Children exhibit physical coordination, agility, speed and grace.

  • Posture improves. Children noticeably stand straighter and taller.

  • In some cases physical healing occurs, especially for ailments caused by emotional or mental stress.

  • Children’s faces become more luminous and open. This is noticeable!

  • Psychic gifts and abilities develop.

ICU classes are taught to children between the ages of 6-12.

Children With REAL SuperPowers (Third Eye)

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