In-person sessions are once again available. 

Foggy Forest

Lisa Daly –

Energy Worker

Inspiring Children Universally (ICU) Teacher 

Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator

Lisa is a certified crystal healer, a certified Inspiring Children Universally (ICU) teacher, has completed a 2 year Crystal Shaman program and is a psychic medium. 


Her crystal and journey sessions will help clear your energy field, removing any heavy feelings that may have been dragging you down,  or causing you to feel "off".  The intention is to leave feeling lighter and happier. She will also do distant sessions for people, land and animals.


 She is able to channel messages from both humans and animals. The intention set in the being of the reading, is always for healing, positive messages that are needed in the persons life.  Messages always seem to be what each person needs, at that particular time in their lives. For animal readings, please provide a picture of the animal for the reading. Readings can be done distantly or in person.  Please note that no cards (oracle or tarot) are used in Lisa's readings

Sessions for both readings and healing, can be done face-to-face or distantly. Healing session can be done with or without your participation.

Please visit the Services page for more information.

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